Sunshine and Running Shoes

I did the same loop today that I did on that super warm February day, only this morning I was forced to wear long sleeves, Capri pants (I’m rarely in a full tight,) and I SHOULD have had gloves, but forgot. The sunshine duped me into thinking it was warmer than it actually was. There’s something about sunshine and a pair of running shoes that go together so well.

I didn’t really want to run this morning. It was more of a need of miles and some time alone before another big retail day. Walking out my front door I still wasn’t convinced I was feeling like a run. Then I got into my pace, felt light on my feet and got that ooooh yeah, this is it feeling. That feeling you don’t ever EXPECT to get, but when you feel it you know.

I’m not fast. I didn’t go that far. I passed some other runners and their dog (you have to admit that it’s always satisfying to know you’re a little bit faster than someone else…) I got it done, I climbed the hills and rounded the corner home. Satisfied. Ready for a cup of coffee and a day at work.


What has the weather been like where you live?

What gets you motivated to get your butt out the door?


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