Early Mornings and Teaching What I Know

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings you can read about it HERE… this little group has re-energized my running. It’s made me remember that I love getting up early, having breakie and a cup of coffee and taking off in the quiet snow for a few miles.

Thursday was the second day of ‘class’ and I woke to snow falling and an inch already on the ground. I had to decide between running and riding my bike, I figured I’d freeze my fingers off on my bike so opted to run the 2.2 miles to work, work where I happened to be teaching/coaching people to run, cool deal!

I got outside, it was still dark, and was reminded of the long runs I used to do in college along Lake Michigan at 5:30 in the morning. Having to get 12 miles in before work at 9:30—how much I love the weird silence snow brings, the beauty the flakes have as they fall, one by one, landing on my cheeks and melting. It’s a great way to start the day and I am finally motivating myself to start my days like that again!

Then I got to run with a group of 11 eager women (and one man) for 3 more miles and talk to them about running, life and all those other random conversations we have while we run. It was fantastic!




Now I need to post this and get on my run so I’m not late for work this morning!


Even Hot Soccer Players Do It

Winter has finally hit us here in the valley. Usually I think of February as nearing the end of winter, but Papa Winter has hit us with a cold blast that no one was expecting—atleast I wasn’t. I was happy running in knickers and a short-sleeved top; now I’m still in the knickers (because I lost my pants,) but have layered on a long zip up, a fleece vest, gloves and hat.


So, seasoned runners, I must ask: come wintertime do you utilize the best booger-removal-system we have available to us? The epic Snot Rocket? (Definition here.) I even have a fleece sleeve that goes over my hand or glove to act as a snot wipe, I think I got it at some race–pretty awesome if you ask me. Today on my bike ride to work I was forced to clear both nostrils using the only method I had available, and it worked out in my favor each time—trust me, there were multiple times, I’m on the verge of a cold. No snot on my clothes, shoes, passersby– I was pretty impressed with myself and so was the guy walking his dog. (HEY, at least I wasn’t picking up poop!)

I think as runners and cyclists we are given a free pass on blowing all we got on the road while we’re in running clothes. Those in normal street clothes? It is not okay. Please use a tissue, and preferable excuse yourself to the restroom. Thanks.

Super hot soccer player blowing a snot rocket

Super hot soccer player blowing a snot rocket

Who knows how long this weather will last? It could be 60 tomorrow for all I know, but for now I’ll be bundling up!

Sunshine and Running Shoes

I did the same loop today that I did on that super warm February day, only this morning I was forced to wear long sleeves, Capri pants (I’m rarely in a full tight,) and I SHOULD have had gloves, but forgot. The sunshine duped me into thinking it was warmer than it actually was. There’s something about sunshine and a pair of running shoes that go together so well.

I didn’t really want to run this morning. It was more of a need of miles and some time alone before another big retail day. Walking out my front door I still wasn’t convinced I was feeling like a run. Then I got into my pace, felt light on my feet and got that ooooh yeah, this is it feeling. That feeling you don’t ever EXPECT to get, but when you feel it you know.

I’m not fast. I didn’t go that far. I passed some other runners and their dog (you have to admit that it’s always satisfying to know you’re a little bit faster than someone else…) I got it done, I climbed the hills and rounded the corner home. Satisfied. Ready for a cup of coffee and a day at work.


What has the weather been like where you live?

What gets you motivated to get your butt out the door?