Inspiration From A Lonely Run

For the last two months I have not only been surrounded by runners, but surrounded by world class athletes. Everyday I hear about another race my boss has won, is competing in, or another hundred miler my co-worker is getting paid to run by his sweet sponsors. I run with the ladies group run, errrrr, I run behind them, huffing and puffing trying to keep up while I hear laughter and training plans they have laid out for their spring ULTRA.

I see a picture of another co-worker on a New Balance poster, starring at me intensely, I know that he helped design one of the shoes I’m trying to sell every day. A female co-worker is a student, teaches spin, personal trains and is training for an ultra, and Ironman and applying to grad school, (aka she’s Superwoman) I hear whispers of the ‘girl from Born to Run’ works there…she doesn’t, but she and her dog come and hang out a lot.

Needless to say the list could go on, I am surrounded by amazing people, amazing athletes and should be inspired. But being around all these incredible people is intimidating. I’m no great athlete, I lace my shoes up, I run, I work out, I like it but can by no means make any sort of money off it. It’d be sweet if I could, but it’s not one of my dreams.

I should be inspired. But unfortunately it’s doing the opposite. I’m putting immense pressure on myself to do better. I’d love to run an ultra one day, I have wanted to for awhile, but at this point my looming stress fracture won’t and lack of real motivation won’t allow it. So what do I do?

I was feeling super down about this earlier in the week. This pressure, intimidation and self-reflection is all put on by myself, these people I see daily are AWESOME and it’s my own issues making me feel this way, FYI.

I think it was a combination of things, but feeling inadequate athletically was definitely one of them. Invited to go on a ladies group run, I mentally had decided that I didn’t want to go, I didn’t feel like getting left behind and feeling bad about myself and my running again. I didn’t want to run at all to be honest.

Some how I forced myself outside and did and I realize that being a lone exerciser isn’t such a bad thing. I need to feel good with my run before I share it with others. I learned this week that I can push myself pretty hard at the gym or on the road when I really want to. Remember that was super important for me to get out the door and feel good about my run.

When it all comes down to it, a short run outside in the sunshine is way better than moping around at home ANY DAY! Trying to find inspiration daily can be tough but I know I have it within me somewhere. Thanks for listening to my rant…


Have you ever felt really intimidated by your surroundings?


What pulled you out of it?


7 thoughts on “Inspiration From A Lonely Run

  1. Yep,…..and as it did for you,….a run always pulls me out of it. But it’s often hard to remember that when I NEED to remember that the most.

  2. Sometimes, the hardest part of running is just lacing ’em up. Once you’re out there, especially after 20-30 minutes, the calm comes on, your body relaxes and you’re reminded subtly why.

  3. Sloan,
    I’m a friend of you dad’s so I have been reading you for a little while. This is one of your best pieces and it helped me ger to the gym this morning.

  4. Sloan, that poster is ridiculous. Don’t feel intimidated by a bunch of running dorks. The great thing about identifying as a runner is knowing you belong to a collective of people that extends beyond RVR, Ashland and Oregon; Runners are like a big family. Or at least that’s how I like to think about it.

    good stuff on this blog-thing you have going,


    • Thanks Erik! Being in the running family is super cool, I’m just the little sister that is always nagging behind the group…oh well, at least I’m out there! Thanks for the comment.

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