Guns, Guns, and BBQ

Today was a strange day. We all have the things that we’re ‘into’ right? If you’re reading this blog you’re either related to me, an athlete, or a family friend… but we all have either ME in common or our love for fitness in common. Well today I was taken to a Gun Show. Cue me flexing my massive bicep and pointing with a cheesy grin. No, not that kind, a real, Red *neck I mean blooded American event!

This place was full of big burly men in Carhartts, camouflage and trucker hats! Mountain Dew cans and candy wrappers were on the floor near the vendors, (they have to keep their energy up too) and gun upon guns covered the tables, along with tazers, knives and t-shirts bashing our president or telling hippies to get out. Needless to say, I felt a little uncomfortable.

But we all have our ‘thing,’ right? I mean, I could, and do, talk to you all day about running shoes, training, hydration, getting our sweat on…blahblahblah, and if I did this at the gun show I would be given weird looks and maybe be escorted out by the nice man with American flag suspenders that hold his Budweiser belly in and his mullet that was held back with a sweet bandana.

I didn’t talk about fitness, healthy lifestyles or anything else. I listened while they told me about how it’s my right to bear arms, and how this purple Barretta would go so nicely with the skirt I was wearing. Maybe even a leather holster to match my home made, apple tree earrings… weird conversations go down at this place!

But my point is, we all have our passions and it was cool to be on a completely different playing field this afternoon.

I didn’t buy a gun but I did eat some bomb tasty Bar-B-Que and definitely felt more American for it!




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