The Best Date

I’ve been with this person for years, we’ve been through just about everything someone can go through. We’ve seen happy moments, tragic moments, excitement and disappointment. We’ll never part ways, that I’m sure. I think I’ve found ‘the one’. So last week I treated with a day long date.

I took myself on a date in Chicago.

It started out with a lovely morning of tea and my book. After dressing in an outfit that made me feel beautiful and colorful I took myself out for a long walk. We strolled for a few miles through my neighborhood and eventually crossed a bridge that took me into Logan Square. Window shopping along the way I enjoyed my thoughts and evaluated my feelings on living in Chicago for just over a month. While I ate lunch outside I focused on the meal and people watched as they walked by with dogs on leashes, boyfriends clutching hands and children grasping onto a mother’s hip. I was happy to be in just the company of myself, no responsibility or obligation for the day, it was my day–I took that moment to remind myself where I was and how for the first time in my life I felt like I am here.

I’m not three years ago when I was in my early 20’s, in college and basically care free. I’m not two months from now when I take a trip to Oregon or next year when I dream to be able to buy a ticket abroad. I’m not wishing I was somewhere else. I am here. Finally understanding the term that I’ve heard Baron Baptiste say many times–

“Be now here or be nowhere”

It makes sense. Life is right now–it’s not when something else happens, its in this moment appreciating what you have. I know I’m not the first to be understanding this, but I feel like it’s finally hitting home for me. I think appreciating yourself is a top priority in life–taking care of those you love and figuring out how to be in the moment is the key to a happy existence.

My day continued on with a trip to Trader Joe’s where I purchased three items for myself: a bottle of wine, chocolate and flowers. The cashier promptly noticed and said “Well, this is a fun combination.” It was then that I realized I was on a date.

After an afternoon matinée and another long walk home in the brisk fall weather the day was nearing an end. Each moment brought new light to my life here in Chicago. As I continue to live HERE I’m loving each moment for something different–I’m here, no where else and that is how I’m beginning to really be happy.


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