What have I been doing besides writing?

Most days I get up and hang with my roommates for an hour before strapping on my helmet to
dodge cars, pot holes and fleeting green lights. Most days I serve craft beers, artfully constructed cocktails and food that was plated with intention rather than haste.
Some days I have a few too many of those beers after work.
Most days I practice yoga in my living room, run through the park that is two blocks away and most days my run is a struggle but I still get it done so I can learn each street corner, where the drinking fountains are and which city blocks to avoid.
What have I been doing besides writing?
Most days I walk to the Mexican grocery store and dance to the mariachi music as I shop for heads of broccoli and almond milk. Most days I text my friend who lives half a mile away about dinner plans for the evening. Most days I wake up with out an alarm.
Some days I feverishly free write in my journal and read until I fall asleep with glasses on and book smooshed on my face.
What am I doing besides writing?
Most days I think about it while I’m watching some rerun on basic cable. Most days I feel inspired while surfing YouTube clips of Spoken Word and slam poetry. Most days, I have to admit, I don’t try.
Some days I write the perfect poem in my head while dodging rain drops on my bike only to forget them by the time I have pen and paper in my hand. Some days I long for life overseas and the simplicity of it.
Most days I’m trying. Some days I’m losing the battle. Most days, now a days, I’m winning.

What am I doing besides writing? I think I’m finally living.


One thought on “Finally.

  1. Dear Sloan,
    Living, that’s what life is all about ….

    Small note pad, pencil–tuck in bra.
    Riding bike, walking, poem writes itself: 1.Stop riding or walking
    2.Take pencil and pad out of your bra
    3.Write until you stop.
    4. Return to riding or walking
    Stop if your mind writes something else:
    Return to steps 1,2, and 3.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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