Breathe in the Sun

Each time I water my garden it is hot. The plants are thirsty and the soil is dry, they drink in the waterfall and beg me for more, I am a bad plant Mom but I try harder to be better each day–each day I give them more and each day I look forward to putting my hand under the cascading flow, closing my eyes and wishing that the stream was flowing over me. I think, What a lovely shower this would be, let’s go jump into a river and float away for a few days, and then each shower I take in my small Chicago apartment I try to recreate the refreshing chill I pour out of the watering pal. Sometimes a success, sometimes it’s not quite right. When I leave the garden it is beautiful, full and happy. I whisper loving words and tell each plant they are special.

My soap smells like citrus petals, I think, what are citrus petals? I question. As I shave my legs dirt falls from my skin, the dirt from the city accumulates on my body as I ride my bike miles each day. The citrus petals clean my skin, the razor makes it smooth and the refreshing waterfall rinses me off. I suppose the citrus petals clean me of other dirt too. The dirt of a long day, the dirt of hours and hours of trying and working and thinking and feeling, of self talk and continuous motivation that seemingly goes nowhere –the moment under my waterfall clears me of everything. Time transcends and responsibility falls to the wayside. Shaving my legs I notice my amber skin to my ankles, a tan line and white feet, amber to mid thigh and then a harsh line where cloth falls when I am in the sun. I notice scars that will not go away and curves that I have not quite come to accept yet. The waterfall’s magical effects wash down with the drain as I wrap myself in a towel.

In my garden I dig my hands in the dirt to pull weeds and plant new vegetables. The spade is broken but I don’t mind–the Earth, she speaks to me through my hands and in my body, the soil harbors life, sustains it and, well, it makes me dirty. A different dirty than the dirt on my legs from the city. This is a dirty of life, of energy, of sunshine and of love. The dirt gets stuck under my finger nails and stays there as a reminder that beauty is there in the middle of a dirty city. A reminder that working with my hands brings me joy and fills a passion I didn’t know I had.

Another stream I let fall from the pal brings another whoosh of refreshment to my hands as I breathe in the sun.


Get Moving!

My mornings have changed. The warm weather. The sun up with the crows. People outside my window shouting at each other at 5:30, ya know, things that just make it easier to get up at 6 am. I like it, I enjoy the mornings alone, with my computer or a book but more recently I’ve been talking the time to walk. More or less coming off a running injury I walk/run but I enjoy both equally and try really hard to get a couple miles in before I hop on my bike and head to school.

I have always stated that morning time is my most productive time. Right now it’s 6:49 am and I have cooked breakfast, made coffee, cleaned the kitchen, read up on a few articles and will head out for a walk as soon as I finish typing this though. Some wouldn’t consider ‘a walk’ productive. But for me it’s my morning meditation, it gives me a head start on my goal of 10,000 steps for the day (though when I walk or run I tend to get closer to 14,000!) I kick my metabolism up right away. I clear my mind and set an intention. Sometimes I listen to a podcast to get ideas to be more productive through out the ENTIRE day–I tend to hit a slump around 3:30 and just want to lounge around after that.

So I walk. And I think. And I shut the brain off. And I observe–lord knows there’s a lot to observe in Humboldt Park at 7 in the morning.

How do you start your day? What can you do before life gets to busy to get moving and get yourself closer to those 10,000 steps? It’s recommended that each adult gets at least 30 minutes of activity a day, which is easy for some of us and a challenge for other–how can we get closer to achieving that minimum and maybe going beyond it? (Some people post on social media to get some motivation.. hence this blog post, I was feeling lazy but now I feel motivated!)

I’ll post a picture from my walk this morning, check it out on InstaGram @sloanderr and let me know what you think. #thesolesearch #goodmorning


So I feel guilty. I feel like I’ve hidden big parts of my life from the blog-o-world and that I just have failed at being at all consistent. I love writing, I love posting on here and connecting with people. So my new goal is to take the time to post once a week. I’ll pick a day soon and make that my day to write and post and keep myself accountable. For this post I’m going to list and elaborate on a few areas of my life and what is happening in them.

First off: I am enrolled in school! I am half way through a 6 month Personal Training program. The goal is to be fully certified and employed by the end of October! I love it. I love working out, I love motivating people and spending time with them. It’s not just about lifting heavy things. It’s a connection to your body, mind and spirit  Each time I begin to wonder if I’ve made the right decision something happens to remind me that this is where I should be. That where my values and goals line up have pushed me to be here and doing this–I may not be the thinnest, fasted, or strongest but I damn well work hard and want to help others help themselves.

Second: Umm, I have a boyfriend… for those of you who know me you know that I generally don’t stick around long enough to formulate a tight bond with lots of people, we’re six months strong and having all the fun. We leave for a trip to Alaska in three weeks and I can’t wait! I’m hoping this trip will scratch my need for travel for a bit longer. My soul is in need of some nature and a 6 day trip to the 49th state will be incredible.

Thirdly: Holy shit I’ve lived in Chicago for ALMOST a year! Whoa… Weird… that’s a new adventure all on it’s own–I’m going to go right ahead and pat myself on the back for not moving when things got hard. I’m not saying I want to be here FOREVER, but it’s good for the right now.

Here’s a few things I’m loving about Chicago:
-Bike commuting
-My urban garden
-Opportunities (being in school is possible, taking a writing class, all the people to meet!…)
-Day drinking on patios
-Public transportation
-The weirdos I meet daily (Everyday I walk by a guy with a lampshade on his head saying “Lighten up, have a good day!)
-The sunsets
-Being near a big airport
-Bike commuting… did I say that? I just really love riding my bike in the city, then also riding my bike 20 miles South of the city.

Well. There ya go. A super boring post, but now with my readers caught up on my life I feel like I can be on even playing grounds to start writing about what is super current. Can’t wait!

Bike riding!

About 20 miles south of the city




Harvest from my garden


The boyfriend