Saying Goodbye

I enjoy it. For me it’s more of a routine, it’s a ritual and an experience–a moment of silent bliss. Grinding the beans, pouring the hot water…waiting…pressing the grounds down to reveal a deep, rich, aromatic liquid. Coffee is a way to connect with my mind, check in and relax. It’s an opportunity to connect with someone else, it’s a tool to bring people together and get things done–or not. It’s a way to kill an hour before work or relax after a stressful day. The mug warms your hands and perks you up, as the steam gently rises it can fog your glasses and the smell takes over your senses and a feeling of joy can take over.


This is direct quote from my journal while sitting at Rowster’s in Grand Rapids this past Saturday. A conversation with my older brother is what inspired it. A conversation about quitting coffee. If you know me, you know I have a love for it. Hell, I have a tattoo that depicts my love for the stuff. So why on earth would I consider quitting?! My brother, who he himself has quit many vices and is a better person for it, thinks it will help me. Help me sleep better (kinda a ‘duh’), help me be more productive (I’m skeptical of this one,) help my moods, my skin and he listed many many other reason why I should quit.

So I’m going to quit coffee for three months.

I repeat. I am going to quit coffee for the time being.

They say (not sure who ‘they’ are…) say that it takes three months for a given substance to be ridded of your body. I’m going to journal about it, listen to my body, mind, soul and productivity. I’m going to attempt to blog (and not complain,) about it. I’m going to try and not take up any other addictions in this process. Right now my ONLY addiction is coffee.

An apology in advance: if you’re my facebook friend, REAL life friend or snap chat buddy I’m apologizing NOW for whining, maybe crying and probably sniffing your coffee if you consume it in front of me. I’m dreading the headaches and already missing my routine. If anyone has any good tea suggestions (decaf of course) I would love to hear them.


Wish me luck. Follow me on here and join me on this…sigh…journey as I say goodbye.





7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I love the idea of cutting back (if indeed you are overdue-ing it), but for coffee has MANY health benefits as well. It’s important to know both sides of an argument (for vs against coffee) before you make a decision. If you have already done this….then I am sorry for brining this point up. 🙂

    • Oh trust me. I’ve argued it over and over. This has been a battle for years! I don’t over due it–but he and I have a deal. A little experiment. 😉

  2. I have given it up recently also. It’s hard and I crave a latte often but I feel great. The craving have lessened, thank goodness. I was extremely tired at first but that passed. Now I dont seem to get that super tired feeling in the middle of the day. My main hot drink now is hot water with lemon. I will go back to decaf coffee sometime though….

  3. Good for you!! I quit coffee for about 8 months and it was great–but I will say that the BEST feeling in the world is quitting alcohol for 4-5 months. I have done it a few times and I have never felt better in my life. Which makes me wonder how much I’m drinking in the first place! 🙂

    • I hate to say it but I might cave soon. I’m missing the morning routine of it. I’ve been off it for two weeks and am realizing I don’t think I’ll see any benefits from quitting. Haha. Quitting booze is great! I didn’t drink for the first few months I was in Thailand and could feel my body recover much faster from my long runs etc.

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