Early Mornings and Teaching What I Know

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings you can read about it HERE… this little group has re-energized my running. It’s made me remember that I love getting up early, having breakie and a cup of coffee and taking off in the quiet snow for a few miles.

Thursday was the second day of ‘class’ and I woke to snow falling and an inch already on the ground. I had to decide between running and riding my bike, I figured I’d freeze my fingers off on my bike so opted to run the 2.2 miles to work, work where I happened to be teaching/coaching people to run, cool deal!

I got outside, it was still dark, and was reminded of the long runs I used to do in college along Lake Michigan at 5:30 in the morning. Having to get 12 miles in before work at 9:30—how much I love the weird silence snow brings, the beauty the flakes have as they fall, one by one, landing on my cheeks and melting. It’s a great way to start the day and I am finally motivating myself to start my days like that again!

Then I got to run with a group of 11 eager women (and one man) for 3 more miles and talk to them about running, life and all those other random conversations we have while we run. It was fantastic!




Now I need to post this and get on my run so I’m not late for work this morning!


2 thoughts on “Early Mornings and Teaching What I Know

  1. I need to run more –
    Miss you girl and follow that passion – Chase it, keep reaching because its not the finish, its what you experience while going for it.

    Love ya

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