Even Hot Soccer Players Do It

Winter has finally hit us here in the valley. Usually I think of February as nearing the end of winter, but Papa Winter has hit us with a cold blast that no one was expecting—atleast I wasn’t. I was happy running in knickers and a short-sleeved top; now I’m still in the knickers (because I lost my pants,) but have layered on a long zip up, a fleece vest, gloves and hat.


So, seasoned runners, I must ask: come wintertime do you utilize the best booger-removal-system we have available to us? The epic Snot Rocket? (Definition here.) I even have a fleece sleeve that goes over my hand or glove to act as a snot wipe, I think I got it at some race–pretty awesome if you ask me. Today on my bike ride to work I was forced to clear both nostrils using the only method I had available, and it worked out in my favor each time—trust me, there were multiple times, I’m on the verge of a cold. No snot on my clothes, shoes, passersby– I was pretty impressed with myself and so was the guy walking his dog. (HEY, at least I wasn’t picking up poop!)

I think as runners and cyclists we are given a free pass on blowing all we got on the road while we’re in running clothes. Those in normal street clothes? It is not okay. Please use a tissue, and preferable excuse yourself to the restroom. Thanks.

Super hot soccer player blowing a snot rocket

Super hot soccer player blowing a snot rocket

Who knows how long this weather will last? It could be 60 tomorrow for all I know, but for now I’ll be bundling up!


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