Which Are You??

“This is why I moved here,” as my fellow east coaster friend and I rounded a bend and saw the view of Mount Shasta I know we were both thinking it, I said it out loud. The trails here in Southern Oregon are incredible. In-cred-ible! We both moved here from the mid-Atlantic to be happier and then we figured we figure it out as we go.

As our conversation progressed on our 3 hour trail run topics progressed from all over the board: men, work, running, roommates, religion, moving…etc. My friend started talking about a woman she works with and couldn’t help but notice that this woman seems to be young, beautiful, married but works a whole lot! Like, a lot a lot. So much that I think the only time she’s outside is when she’s between her house and her car and her car and work…unless she has a garage, and then maybe parks in an underground parking structure…anyway, this woman seems to do nothing but work and then grocery shop on her days off. BORING.


Why am I talking about some woman I don’t even know? I’ve never met her, why do I care what she does? I don’t, really. But I know lots of people like her and it makes me kind of sad and curious. Did she never have the chance to figure out what she loves? Is she happy?  Makes me think about something I’ve heard people say as a concept of life: I live to work. OR I work to live. Which one are you?

Do you spend your days at work dreaming to get out, planning your next trip, gearing up to experience something alone or with a friend in a new place? Or do you get up in the morning and go to bed each night with work on your mind, making money your first thought, paying off those bills so you can enjoy the good life LATER?

My friend and I ran and ran and ran for three hours yesterday. Winding through the trail systems that put my old ‘trails’ to shame. Talking, laughing, detoxing from our week of working—this is one of my favorite ways to feel good about life. Knowing that I have the opportunity and love of the outdoors to detach myself from the everyday struggles and stresses of life. My jobs are to allow me to do what I want know, they let me live where I want and let me do what I want right now.


I chose to work so I can live. Don’t get me wrong, I want to enjoy my job and be full filled, but I’m also beginning to understand that there is so much more than work. I want to work, I want to learn, I want to play, I want to figure out the best balance of being able to do it all and be full filled and enriched!


Now how do I do that? Quarter life crisis countdown is on… T-minus 6 days! Eeeeeeek!!


4 thoughts on “Which Are You??

  1. You guys talked about some serious stuff on that long run. Keep it light! 🙂

    Living to work or working to live are equally crappy and unsustainable. I am aware sometimes it’s not by choice – but it’s important to strike a balance between working and living.

    • Well, you gotta work to live. Unless your a super rich trust fund baby. So you may as well enjoy it, right? We do talk about good stuff, best time to get it out where no one else will here you. ps: just mapped out the run, we went about 15 miles with a shit ton of elevation gain and lost! Woop woop. Congrats on your injury recovery 13!

      • Actually the kinds of stuff I talk about with my buddy on a long run is pretty similar to yours – except for “men” we talk about “women”. I think these long-run talks are the real quality talks one can hope to have, unlike the usual bar-talk or locker-room-talk some of my friends do regularly. And it’s even better on a the trail. I really want to go explore the beauty of Oregon one day.

        Thanks! My 13 wasn’t all that spectacular – as I woke up this morning with the knee pain that’s not going away soon enough. I really should just wait it out before I run again, otherwise I might not be able to toe the starting line in March…

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