I’m a Quitter For sure


Now, back to the topic of my birthday. The day, January 18th, is quickly approaching and with each passing day I’m feeling the pressure of What The Fuck Am I Doing With My Life??? looming over my head like a (insert cheesy metaphor here, one like: black stormy rain cloud.

Annnnnnnnd cue quarter life crisis music: brain spinning, grad school thoughts, cheap tickets to Mexico and a bungalow with a beautiful lover, thoughts of living in my mother’s basement, being single for the rest of my life, working retail into my 30s or 40s, wasted youth…etc etc…


All through life I’ve witnessed people living to work; being unhappy in their career, their relationships, their bodies, their emotional state, their living situation, etc… I’ve never been one to do that, I generally quit if I’m really that unhappy. (this is where we show a montage of my life: losing 80 pounds, dropping out of college, quitting a stupid job, going back and finishing college, quitting a great ‘career’ job to move to the mountains…)


I’m a quitter. And I’m  happy about it.


Now I’m approaching a quarter of a century and am not sure where or why this path has taken me this direction. Sure I have two fun jobs, I get to talk about fitness and running all day, meet cool people, play in the woods and stare at the mountains—but really, lets be honest here, I can only mooch off my mother’s insurance for another year, after that I’m on my own and I don’t think two part time jobs will do it for me forever. Neither financially or be as full filling as I want them to be.


An old co-worker of mine posted a scene called Ten Things from an award winning video from the 5 Point Film Festival, I just watched it and am literally wiping the tears away. It’s amazing what speaks to you at certain times in your life, this video is speaking directly to me, in my face, at my feelings and forcing me to evaluate and reflect. Please do the same as you watch this amazing piece.

The Ten Things from Jeremy Collins on Vimeo.



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