Rat Race

I don’t have any recent adventures to speak of. To be totally honest I’ve been a total gym rat lately. I have been trying to get in one long trail run a week, that didn’t happen last week, and maybe a run or two mid week, those didn’t really happen last week either. I’ve failed on the runner part of my self-description. Oh well, I’m okay with that right now.

I did, however, go for a run with the girls trail running group that leaves from the store I work at—I’m slow, really slow, so I got left behind…in the dark…wearing shoes that were too big, kinda weird and brand new, (review on this shoe to come, I have to give them another chance before I have a real opinion of them.)

You know the movie Now and Thenwith the four girls that are best friends? They do everything together! They contact the dead, tackle big issues like divorce, boys, boobs and kissing. These girls love and hate each other, the chubby one gets her pig tail pooped on, yeah, that that one is me, shit like that happens to me.

There’s a scene in the movie where all the girls are biking and the chubby one is left behind on an unfamiliar road far behind her best friends. Well, that happened to me last week. Only we were running, on trails, IN THE DARK. Not cool people, not cool at all.

Lesson learned: run faster. Or, go to the gym where the weights weigh the same, the elliptical still goes no where, and there’s a sauna to sweat out all toxins and memories of being left behind. Sometimes a girl just needs to get her gym on, ya know?



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