A Small Part of a Huge Journey

Apparently when asked to write for SOMEONE ELSE’S site I’m fulling capable of whipping up a piece that I’m proud of. Please take a moment to read my blog post on amazing woman’s site, Nikki Nigl, and then take another few minutes to check out what she’s doing for the women in the community. She’s pretty amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of this journey.


2 thoughts on “A Small Part of a Huge Journey

  1. I couldn’t find a place to comment on the other site –
    1. You have the best hair on Instagram.
    2. I ugly cry in therapy. Not every time but I do. I wish I could tell others that but it’s hard. You’re brave for speaking out. ((Hug))

    • She doesn’t let others comment on there, just on Facebook.
      1. Gaga thank you! It’s def not as fabulous all the time in real life.
      2. Yes. Ugly crying. So much. And so worth it and needed. Thank you for reading.

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