Shit Got Real

I tend to ‘go big or go home’ in my life. Sometimes the two of these concepts intertwine–like right now. It took me three days to rent a car, pack my stuff, quit my job and land safely in snowy Michigan once again after the holiday vacations. But this time it’s for a bit longer. I made the choice to leave for many reasons but mostly I need to start moving forward in my life. As much as I like sitting on a spin bike for hours I don’t like not going anywhere and that’s how I felt. I tried, I failed, I experienced and learned a lot, but ultimately sitting in front of a computer where I was was not a good fit. I’m amazed and thankful for all the support I have in my life on both the leaving and receiving ends of this huge change I just made. 

For now I’m setting goals, one of which is to quit ignoring this blog–however my computer died (errrrr, I spilled coffee on it…). So I’m looking for opinions on iPad VS Surface for my newest device. 

I’m also trying to figure out what to do for my….BIRTHDAY next weekend. If you’re in the GR area hit me up I’d love to see you. 

But for now I’m job hunting and future life planning. Any and all life ideas are welcome. 




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