How Do You Be?

Sometimes I feel like I need to be ‘reset’. The other day I got home from a run, put a pot of coffee on, hopped in the shower (I know! Shocking! But I did have to work later.) After I performed my socially necessary hygiene I grabbed a hot cup of coffee, got my book and sat back in bed, still wrapped in my towel, wet hair patiently drying into ringlets and I read.

My roommate walked by my room and poked her head in and said I look peaceful.  You know, I felt peaceful. My absolute favorite part of my day is the 20 or so minutes I try to allow myself after a run and shower. Enough time to relax, drink a cup of coffee and just be for a moment.


What do you do to just be?


Book, coffee, love

Book, coffee, love


One thought on “How Do You Be?

  1. That’s my mug! It’s been snatched up by more than one roommate..beware I will hunt it down 🙂 You ask a fantastic question..I dont know what I consciously do to “just be” but there is nothing like leaving your life behind while diving into a good book.

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