A Story that has Nothing To Do With Anything

What do you do? You’re at a store and use the public restroom. Probably didn’t even plan on buying anything, you just needed to go and stopped in. You used the toilet, [hopefully] washed your hands and then flushed and left. But wait, uh oh, your waste didn’t go down—it’s spinning and spinning, the water is rising, you panic, you leave!

3, 5, 10 minutes later you’re down the block, in the next store totally forgot about what you’ve done. 3, 5, 10 minutes later what you can’t see are the store employees panicking after a different, innocent customer, an honest customer ran over and told them the bowl was over flowing, turn off the water, you don’t hear them yell this from Starbuck’s across the street. You don’t see them moving sock racks, grabbing shoes and grabbing paper towel to stop the flow of your waste from ruining merchandise.

Shopping for earrings while sipping your mocha you have no idea that the store you went to the bathroom in at 4pm closes at 5 but the employees are there until nearly 6pm cleaning up your mess. By 6pm you’re home making dinner with your family not even thinking twice about having used a public restroom. You don’t realize.


Next time say something. It will save people time and stress. We all poop. Overflowing toilets happen, but don’t just sneak away.


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