If I Were A Tree

If I were a tree.


If I were a tree in the woods I would listen.

Stories are being told every day, every hour, every moment deep in the mountains.

If I were a tree I would know the secrets

of trail runners, trail hikers, trail bikers everywhere.

I would listen and not offer my opinion.

I’d let the humans use their feet to answer the questions they ask so often.

So many questions over the years

so many different answers offered,

sometimes solved,

sometimes just discussed,

sometimes serious often goofy

and self involved.



If I were a tree in the woods I’d laugh at the silly humans.

The questions, the problems they have—they are mobile and moving,

I am here in the woods listening.

My roots growing deeper every year.

I am here to listen, knotty ears and leafy hands

reaching out to help you running fools to solve the worlds problems,

or maybe just your own problems,

or maybe just a sweaty hour bouncing off rocks and hoping to feel refreshed.

I’m here.


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