Who are you? We are all so many different people through out the day. At home you may be “Mom” or “Dad” or “Honey/Babe” you might just be your name or a cute nick name from your roommate… it’s okay to be single and not have children or a significant other IT’S OKAY! (This is what I tell myself as I wander aimlessly through my 20’s.)

Around your friends you may have some crazy personality quirks that come out. My friend Mike goes by “Turbo” with his work friends, he’s a raft guide and I’m not sure what earned the name Turbo, but I’m sure it’s a great story.

At work you could be “Boss Man” (that’s secretly what I call my boss.) you could be the ‘Coffee Bitch” (great title, I’d prefer to be that actually.) The other day at work I got called “Baby Girl” and now one of my co-workers refers to me as that sometimes.

Needless to say we all are different people throughout the day, right? Can we agree? We all have our quirks and ‘things’ that we do in different situations that make us who we are and feel comfortable in different social situations. Things we’re really good at, things we obsess over and make happen at different times. Little insignificant things we do that make us feel better.

At home I’m a mess. My bedroom is covered in clothes and stuff but I am obsessively neat about a few things. Like hanging my earrings or the way I tie my running shoes. I have to, I mean HAVE TO put the left shoe on, then I put on the right. Then I tie the left (carefully lacing it evenly) and then I tie the right. If someone hands me the right shoe I can’t put it on, it doesn’t feel right, (no pun intended.)


At work I hang shorts—obsessively. I trace this back to my first retail job at Gazelle Sports and my first manager, Beth. Beth and I bonded right away, curly hair, loud laugh, a customer made my cry and she gave me the best (and most needed) hug ever, (do you remember that Beth?!) But Beth taught me how to hang shorts/pants and I soon became obsessed with making them perfect.

I’m not going to explain how to hang the short perfectly but I just want to thank my friend Beth for creating a super obsession with the way shorts are hung. At my current job that’s what I do when there are no customers, when I got shopping that’s what I do when I don’t see anything I want…it’s a never ending task. I should be called “The Hanger” instead of Baby Girl.

Not sure where the shoe-tying thing came from, or if I do anything specific in other parts of my life but these are two things that are quirky and cannot go unnoticed by me.  These things help make me who I am. Help mold the awesomeness that is Sloan. Who are you? Do you change what/who you are from situation to situation? I try to stay pretty true to myself in every aspect of my life, but my friends probably don’t know about my obsessive shorts hanging and re-hanging. My co-workers don’t know that I have to hang my earrings up before bed or how I can’t be ‘matchy-matchy’ when I get dressed (I didn’t talk about this one, that whole other blog post/obsession.)

What do you do?! People who read this MUST have something to add, don’t leave me hanging after admitting these weird things.


6 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. Our quirks are what make us who we are!

    I have to set my timers in increments of the same number:

    My microwave for 2:22

    Running for 22:22 on the elliptical

    Alarm for 6:44 (only because there isn’t a 6:66)

    These are ACTUAL OCD behaviors… but they don’t interfere too much with my life

    I can run with a friend for 20 minutes if need be 😉

  2. Very nice post!
    I have been told (a few times) that I am “particular”. Especially about how the beds are made. I like the sheets folded a certain way and always want it to be symmetrical. Tough to sleep when the sheets are all uneven, don’t you think?

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