Beautiful day + restless legs = a [sad] attempt at running.

So I posted earlier on how I was letting my body rest from being sick. And I had all good intentions of doing that today until I realized I had no coffee in my house. And having no coffee in my house means I get a headache by 10:30am, just like clockwork, so I got dressed in a cute summery dress, walked to Noble Coffee (aka, the best roasters in the Valley) and sat outside with my book and an amazing Americano.

            As I sat in the sun, got tanned, enjoyed conversations and quiet time my legs kept crossing and un-crossing themselves. I noticed cyclists in their cool outfits and runners in their shorts pass by me. My foot jiggled in the need to run, bike or DO SOMETHING. After an hour of this I walked home and psyched myself up for a run. I had a chat with my tummy and told her that we were going to make it through a short, slow run. Out and back, maybe a hill or two, nothing crazy.

            Fast forward to coming down hill from a small climb, me keeling over and seeing breakfast again. Not cool Tummy, not cool—we talked about this. Fast forward again to me having to walk the walk of shame home…again. Lameski.


Lesson learned. Let the body rest.


On a side not my shorts tan line IS coming along nicely.


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