I Said I’d Write

I said I’d write.

But so many things have been bouncing around in my head that I keep telling myself that I just can’t seem to focus…

-I need new tires. Well, only two new tires, the front ones are what they say are ‘bald’. My boyfriend is bald, but I guess a bald head is better than bald tires.
-Tires are expensive. I should find the cheapest, but still quality, tires and just get them. Everyone has an opinion, “Go to Terri Tire, ask for Karl, tell him Artie sent you–get the Kelly tires. He’ll get you a deal”. “No, no, no. Walmarts will have the best deal, go there.” I know Walmart isn’t plural, the boys at the coffee shop would beg to differ.
-I don’t want to shop at Walmart, but I might have to. Cheaper tires from Walmart are cheaper and safer than bald tires sliding through the Main St. light.
-Moving. Joining. Embracing and moving forward. (I know, vague, right?! It’s vague in my head, too)
-Chicken! I made a garlic/herb butter and slathered that shit all up under her skin. She’s currently in the oven, has been for almost an hour; another 30 minutes and she’ll be crispy, tender, and hopefully delicious.
-She’ll come out of the oven, maybe I should crawl in. It’s so warm and the UP is so cold.
-Bald boyfriend is building me a head board. (smile emoji)
-A bathtub would probably be the better option to be warm, instead of crawling into the oven. A saner option at least. Alas, I do not have one.
-School. Oof. School. “What’s your goal with going back to school?” Honestly, I just want to be smarter, I want to study, I want to care about something again. Stop asking me, leave me alone, you don’t think I don’t ask myself these things??

…just the tip for you tonight.


I Am

I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by a new friend, Bryan, for his new podcast, I Am.

I am… how do you answer that question?

I am a woman.
I am a friend.
I am a person who deals with depression.
I am a runner.
I am, I was and am trying to be again, a writer.
I am an introvert.
I am trying.
I am lazy sometimes.
I am hard working sometimes.

Being a part of this podcast woke something up inside of me. Well, it gave me a nudge to get back on the internet and be a part of the blogging community again–but with different intentions. I don’t want to write for the people (haha, whoever you are.) I’m going to write for myself and use TheSoleSearch as a platform.

I’m not going to apologize for the content. I know my parents, grandparents, and some friends have read this in the past. I know random people I don’t know have been a part of this (thank you!) and I know that in the past I’ve written for the audience. No more. Just writing. If you’d like to respond, great. If not, great also.
In the mean time, check out the I Am podcast, he’s just getting a start out, but I think it has potential to be great!

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