I (not so secretly) kind of love instagram. Love to absolutely hate it. I aggressively roll my eyes at all the people talking into their phones (while kinda secretly wishing that people cared enough about what I was doing to justify doing it myself…)

Anyway, (hashtag) #selfcare is generally used when people are (hashtagging) #treatyoself or buying a pricey Starbucks latte drinks, getting a manicure on a retail workers budget, or taking a bubble bath. (Damnit, I really want a bathtub… soon enough I’m promised).

Tonight my #selfcare is calling the damn HealthCare.gov people and figuring out my insurance. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT ADULTS DO. So sexy, I know. However, I’m doing it while wearing a face mask, fuzzy slippers, and sipping a Pamplemousse La Croix. Why? Because I’m fancy AF.

Little did I know that while calling the Marketplace I would feel like I needed to be wearing something other than my stained sweatpants and hoodie that I picked up off the floor, I should have found my LBD hidden away in the back of my closet, wearing sexy clothes makes your voice sexier, right? Little did I know that Carlos was going to answer. Carlos, ladies, is (in my mind,) a sexy Taye Diggs look alike with a voice like butta’ and glutes to bounce a quarter off of… (Wow, I kinda hate myself for saying this. But in all honesty, his voice was distracting to the task at hand.)

Okay, wait, wait, wait–do people even know who Taye Diggs is any more? If you don’t, click here, and here, and HERE for sure.

Anyway, I had point here and clearly got distracted googling Taye while listening to Carlos read me back about my martial status, income level, and how I will qualify for a tax credit on my health care plan…ooooh yeah, baby, keep talking.

Point is… You can have you face mask and actually do some #selfcare too. I HIGHLY recommend speaking with Carlos when you call, he makes the whole painful process a little bit better.


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