So I did a thing…

I apologize for my lack of blogging attention. Life has been INsane and I’m just trying to manage it all right now… good insane, just insane in general. But I wanted to pop on here and see if I could find some support from this community.

A few weeks ago I was working a race expo, (running race, where all the racer go to pickup their packet and get convinced to sign up for other races) yup, convinced to sign up for other races. That is what happened to me… Here’s a quick version of the story:

I went to the Girls on the Run table to talk about volunteer opportunities, and support a friend that was going to sign up to raise $1000 and run the Chicago Marathon to support this amazing program. If you’re interested in what it’s all about click HERE. Anyway, I volunteered for them for YEARS in college, it’s where I met one of my best friends, come to think of it–I got convinced into volunteering too, hmmmm, (ASHLEY!!!) Anyway, ten minutes later I’m picking what sized t-shirt I want to run in and being convinced that raising $1000 AND running a marathon is easy! ‘You have plenty of time, just train hard and ask for support!”


So. That’s what I’m doing. Along with beginning my marathon training soon, I am asking for your support.  Please consider donating. Every dollar makes a difference. All of the support I raise goes directly to the girls that are unable to pay the full tuition fee for this AMAZING program–with the scholarships that become available because of this fundraising effort EVERY single girl can attend this after school, life changing program.

Click HERE to donate. Feel free to pass my message along to anyone you think would be interested in supporting me and the 1000’s of girls in Chicago that want to be a part of this self-positive, body-positive, confidence building program.

My deepest thanks for whatever you are able to help with. EVERY dollar helps.









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