So I did a thing…

I apologize for my lack of blogging attention. Life has been INsane and I’m just trying to manage it all right now… good insane, just insane in general. But I wanted to pop on here and see if I could find some support from this community.

A few weeks ago I was working a race expo, (running race, where all the racer go to pickup their packet and get convinced to sign up for other races) yup, convinced to sign up for other races. That is what happened to me… Here’s a quick version of the story:

I went to the Girls on the Run table to talk about volunteer opportunities, and support a friend that was going to sign up to raise $1000 and run the Chicago Marathon to support this amazing program. If you’re interested in what it’s all about click HERE. Anyway, I volunteered for them for YEARS in college, it’s where I met one of my best friends, come to think of it–I got convinced into volunteering too, hmmmm, (ASHLEY!!!) Anyway, ten minutes later I’m picking what sized t-shirt I want to run in and being convinced that raising $1000 AND running a marathon is easy! ‘You have plenty of time, just train hard and ask for support!”


So. That’s what I’m doing. Along with beginning my marathon training soon, I am asking for your support.  Please consider donating. Every dollar makes a difference. All of the support I raise goes directly to the girls that are unable to pay the full tuition fee for this AMAZING program–with the scholarships that become available because of this fundraising effort EVERY single girl can attend this after school, life changing program.

Click HERE to donate. Feel free to pass my message along to anyone you think would be interested in supporting me and the 1000’s of girls in Chicago that want to be a part of this self-positive, body-positive, confidence building program.

My deepest thanks for whatever you are able to help with. EVERY dollar helps.








Race! Volunteer!

What are you doing June 16th and 17th? Is being outdoors, surrounded by trees, facing a beautiful lake, encouraging friends, family and community members in an epic race something you enjoy? I know, I know, this sounds like a bad car commercial. But I’m trying to sell you on the idea of spending the day outside, with me, at the beautiful Applegate Lake. Granite-Man race weekend is quickly approaching and you’re kinda crazy if you don’t plan on being involved.

The weekend consists of a sweet off road triathlon. The bike portion goes all the way around the lake-I know it’s cool because I rode it last weekend. There’s a duathlon and an aquathon also. And hey, if you have kids that want to get involved have them do the kids tri—get them involved in this great sport early! Sunday will be a 10-mile trail run, one of the best trails in this area. If you haven’t run at the Applegate this is a great opportunity to try out a new place for future runs and rides.

Hang out here ALL weekend!

Hang out here ALL weekend!

The weekend is partially about the event, but for me, it’s mostly about the sense of community involvement. I love to see people cheering others on, volunteers coming together to put on an amazing experience and athletes pushing themselves as hard as they can. That’s what this is, an experience for everyone.

Here’s me continuing to sell you on this great weekend: come volunteer for me! Send me an e-mail at and you can receive a 50% off the race that you are not volunteering at. So, help me Saturday and run Sunday. Or get your tri on and help me out Sunday. Then hang out. Drink a Ninkasi beer, sit by the lake, watch the kids paddle around and enjoy an awesome weekend away—but not that far away!

Adventurer in Training

This past weekend I was surrounded by amazing athletes. I was able to volunteer for the Equinox Trek in Ohiopyle, PA… (I’m a little obsessed with this town, I love it, everyone should love it.) The race was a 48 hour adventure race where teams of 4, 3, 2 or solo adventurers are set out into the wild to hike, bike, navigate and paddle for anywhere between 160-200 miles.

Volunteering consisted of a lot of sitting around, hanging out until 3 in the morning for racers to come in to different checkpoints, chillin’ in my hammock, taking pictures…etc. Not only were the racers amazing people, the volunteers and race producers where amazing too! Many having raced themselves, others medical rescuers there to help and provide medical attention, these races are a huge deal to put on and it takes a lot of help to have a successful one.

Wait, this race sounds a lot like a race I got myself signed up for… NEXT WEEKEND! I was given the opportunity to do an Adventure Race with a friend of mine, it’s a bit shorter than The Equinox Trek, 75-100 miles in just 24 hours. So my weekend was not only to volunteer but I took the opportunity to pick the brains of the racers and other volunteers to help me prepare for this race. I also was able to get back on the mountain bike, get myself supremely lost (I will NOT be navigating this coming weekend) and enjoy the class 3 rapids The Lower Yough has to offer—all while sleeping in my car and enjoying the Falls Pub each night!

Overall, I’ve decided that I want to become one of those bad ass racers. These people are average men and women that do extraordinary things on the weekends. After asking many racers (both at the race and through email, I have met a few in the past and have kept in touch) the biggest piece of advice they gave me was COMMUNICATION.


I will obviously report back on my race next week—but I wanted to venture out and ask for YOUR advice. Anyone out there done some long race (adventure or not) and want to give me some tips?