Lesson Learned

Early afternoon rolls around and I’m supposed to take a break in the workday to not go over my hours. Though I’m in a funk, I feel like taking a nap, reading my book, watching TV; it’s time to move my body—my plan? Head to the gym, bust out 90 minutes of strength training and cardio. Boring, but convenient. LA Fitness is a quick drive from work and home… my new boss/friend/roommate/landlord and I pull on our shoes and head out the door. We’re both trying to shake this sleepy, tired, unmotivated feeling. 


The sun is coming out. We could hit the trails. She says.

It’s still cold… I’ve become a baby. I want the elliptical, weights and TV to zone out to.

Come on, let’s just go. She’s not going in the direction of the gym. You know I didn’t plan on going to the gym, right? She looks over from the driver’s seat with a damn smirk on her face. We’re headed towards Twin Lakes Park.

Alright, let’s do this.


50 minutes later we’re both out of our funk, we’ve run up and down, across streams, over roots and through trees. Thank you. I say. The vitamin D, fresh air, getting back to the trails was needed and has somehow been put on the back burner lately. Lesson learned: Trails trump the gym any day. I just need to remember that when the snow is falling, the wind is blowing and I feel like being a baby. Remember the post run, post OUTDOORS adrenaline rush I always get.



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