Personification of a Verb

Change is sporadic, strange and often times annoying. He takes his own path, pops in when he feels like it and up roots your entire day, week, month, maybe year or even life!

You can’t prepare for Change, you can’t expect him to knock on your door at 4pm because he’ll more likely show up next Tuesday after you’ve gone to bed and have to get up early in the morning. Change doesn’t wait around. All you can do, all we can do, is embrace him. Embrace the fact that we can’t control him, he’s going to do what he wants when he wants. We can stop freaking out, we can stop having meltdowns and acknowledge that Change arrived a few minutes early, or two years later than we thought and we can wrap him in our arms, cuddle him and say okay, let’s do this, I’m not quite ready but I’ll never be, I’m glad you showed up.


[Here’s to Change. Here’s to opportunities. Here’s to going with the flow yet making shit happen.]


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