I updated my facebook today with a few goals. I wanted to: Write, read, move my body and shower (pahahahha, I knowwww!)


I did all of those things BUT write, (I know, I showered…err, it was more like I rinsed the sweat off my body so I could look presentable to go to the Brewery). So here I am–attempting to write and feeling uninspired with Futurama blaring in the background, my beer fuzzy brain unable to type well or really think of anything too interesting to say. So, I’m going to leave you with a post encouraging you to follow me on Instagram [Sloanderr] and watch as I take photos of coffee, beer, shameless selfies, nature, food, clouds, and what ever other random shit crosses my path. For now, it’s 9:14pm and I”m going to go light a candle, listen to some music and bust out my journal–who knows, maybe I’ll snap a photo and tweet [@sloan0] about it too.


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