Travel to the race site today is going to be stressful. I cannot believe the weekend is here! I’m stoked, terrified, STERRIFIED. Just like last times.


A HUGE thanks to all the people who listened to me whine and complain during this training. Buddha knows it didn’t go as planned (does it ever?)


Thanks to Hal and all the boys I miss at Rogue Valley Runners, Got the visor and plan on rocking it like a boss in gnarville tomorrow!!


Send me some energy if you’ve got some extra. I start 5am Saturday February 2nd, THAI TIME!


RVR style

RVR style



2 thoughts on “50K

  1. Just think of the mountain we climbed in the middle of night with Holly and Kathy. Or Mrs, McCoy who saved us on that hot day. The 666 sign and going the wrong way…..
    What I’m saying is I know you can do it………..You will do it……….On step at a time………wish I had you with me to race across Florida…
    I’m saving sangria for you!!!


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