A Friend Who’s Finding Her Soul Via a Camera and Smiles

In a far far away place known as Chicago, there lives a rad little lady. She runs along the Lakeshore in the wee hours of the morning, teaches children by day-time and captures moments of lovers, families and sunsets on the weekends with her camera lenses. Her name is Emily Alt and boy does she have a deal for you!

My former co-worker, friend and fashion inspiration has begun a venture in a photography business this year. She specializes in making YOU look fabulous while capturing the moments that matter most: weddings, reunions, senior photos, family portraits, basically anything you want. I swear she either only photographs attractive people! She’s that good.

With the holidays coming up she’s running a sweet special and a giveaway—holy moly who doesn’t love something for free!? Especially when you get to get all dolled up, hang with your family and Emily!? I’m jealous, if I wasn’t kicking it here in Thailand sipping on Thai Coffees 24/7 I’d be figuring out a way to rig the thing and win myself. Maybe I’ll bribe her with a tasty glass of vino when I eventually return.


Check out her website HERE.

Click HERE for more details on the giveaway.

Email here at emilyaltphotography@gmail.com


I’m so glad that even though I’m here far away in Thailand that my friends back in the USA are doing awesome things that I can be a part of. Even by just writing a blurb here on WordPress I get to connect with friends from the past and hopefully help her carry out her dreams of capturing your life and spreading joy this season.




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