To Regret or Not To Regret?

One week from this moment I will be boarding a plane to Thailand. Well, no, not true-I’ll be boarding a plane to LAX, then to Hong Kong, THEN and only then will I be getting on a plane to Thailand. But you know what I mean.

People keep asking me what I’m going to miss most. Ya know, I have no idea—as much as I love my job, my community, my friends, my trails and my life here in Southern Oregon I think I’m ready to discover something really new and most definitely exciting. I’ve lived a lot of my life not wanting to miss out on anything. Being too afraid to leave and really follow what I’ve dreamed of doing, what I have discovered is that by leaving, or by not leaving I miss out on a whole lot more.

I’m ready. I’m scared. But being excited is outweighing everything.


2 thoughts on “To Regret or Not To Regret?

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your discoveries in Thailand of yourself and your surroundings! Keep an open mind and an open journal!

  2. will be thinking about you have a great trip. Be sure and keep in touch will be anxious to hear about your new adventure. love ya

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