I think people like to think of me as a spontaneous person. I often would hop in the car and drive across states to go visit someone, do a race or satisfy a craving for something. Or on a bigger note I’ve been known to quit my job, fly to California and spend a month exploring with a friend, decide to move to Oregon and pack my belongings and drive from Baltimore to this little town in the Rogue Valley.

More recently I’ve quit my jobs and am selling my belongings and am moving across the WORLD to Thailand. What most people really don’t quite understand is that every move I’ve made has truly been well thought out, lists have been made, pros and cons sorted and discussed with gusto. My brain often ticks away wondering if I’m doing the right thing. At this point I have decided that there is no way that this isn’t the right decision.


Things I’m looking forward to:

–A really long plane ride. (It means I’m going somewhere awesome)

–Meeting amazing new people.

–Learning as much as I will be teaching.

–Sending letters and receiving them.

–Traveling everywhere. Running through different mountains and streets.

–Many more…


Things I’m scared of:

–A really long plane ride…what if I’m stuck next to that guy that snores, or worse, the guy that won’t shut the eff up!?

–Teaching. Kids scare me.

–Losing my routine. I love getting up at 5:30 and making a pot of coffee and hanging out by myself or with my roommate.


The list of excitements could obviously go on forever. This summer I developed a term that seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life. The word Sterrified sums up my current life pretty well, (Stoked + Terrified = STERRIFIED) Right? It’ totally works.


Though I’m leaving behind so many amazing friends and family I have felt so much love through all the support you’ve given me for my travels. I don’t think people realize how much their donations have helped me already. Every penny counts. If you’d like to help me on my travels and explorations please click here to learn a bit more. THANK YOU!!



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