Two Months From Today

If all goes as planned I will be embarking on the biggest adventure of my life, thus far. I will be arriving in Bangkok, Thailand for my teach abroad orientation. I have made a one-semester commitment to teach English in the Kamphaeng Phet Province. So currently I am working and working and working really hard to earn enough money to pay for program fees, plane tickets, doctors appointments and vaccines.

One of my biggest goals for the adventure is to really hone in and take this blog to a new level. I plan on traveling on the weekends, running in the lush green jungles, climbing the mountains and swimming in the Ping River. This blog is meant to be a self-learning experience. I want you to read it and be inspired and go off and do your own adventuring. I want you to write to me and tell me about it, I want everyone to know how great this country and this world is! Let’s discover it together.

Right now in this time of ‘getting ready’ any support you can send my way would be amazing. Positive thoughts, words of encouragement, emails of support would be amazing. I’m very excited but also really nervous about this whole thing. I will keep you all posted on my happens over the next two months and then while in Thailand I plan to take this blog to a whole new level!


But for today I’m headed to the Redwoods!!


3 thoughts on “Two Months From Today

  1. We are so proud of you and wish you well with your new adventure. I have to be a Grandma and say “be safe”.I read your blogs and love them, feel I know you pretty well now. enjoy your learnng all you can in the next months ahead. Keep us filled into what you are and will be doing. You have all of our support and many prayers for your success.

    Love ya, Grandma

    • Grandma! I didnt’ know you read this! Thank you so much! I’m super excited about my new adventure and can’t wait to share it with everyone! I love you!

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