Gluttony: The act of eating or drinking in excess. Las Vegas should re-name itself. This city, the City of Sin is gluttony at it’s best.

While, yes, my friend and I did indulge we were by no means staggering down the street at nine in the morning searching for out hotel key and a toilette to puke in. at nine Friday morning I was finishing up a few miles running on the strip. Perfect conditions: about 60 degrees, sunshine, lots of stairs to go up and down and a view of a city that I was ready to explore that day.

As I ran the stairs and watched all of the American, (and a few foreign) tourists use the escalators, yes I was outside, I said to myself why are they all just standing on the moving stairs? Walk, people! Walk! But later that night, in heels, tired from standing a couple drinks deep I understood the escalators—but still, this was 9am. Then again, they did have yard long drinks in their hands or freshly cracked Budweisers. Again, 9am.

As we explored, ate, drank and enjoyed the city we also commented on the lifestyle one must maintain in order to live here. Sitting at an outdoor bar, sipping out Tom Collins’ we watched a young dancer standing on the terrace balcony in no more than a bra and panties, how much do you think she makes an hour? We both laughed at our question, but really, how much do you think she makes? I bet she burns like 6,000 calories every day at work. Theses were the conversations we had rather than wondering how many shots we could do that night and still survive.

Our last evening in Vegas we were lucky enough to have awesome seats and an awesome Cirque du Soleil show at Treasure Island. How inspiring to see these dancers be so passionate about such an amazing show. It was weird, and quirky and these people were so physically strong we couldn’t believe what they were accomplishing with just their bodies. I swear, during the two-hour performance my jaw was in my lap the entire time. I was so entranced by it I didn’t realize how much time had gone by until it was over.

By the end of my three night, two day trip I was ready to be out of the City of Sin and head back to my little hippie village in Southern Oregon. I was able to experience a cool new city with one of my best friends, and remember the entire thing! Unlike most of the people on my plane ride back, I made memories to keep.


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