The Versatile Blogger

Like my friend and former co-worker, Whitney said in her nomination—I’m still trying to figure out what this Versatile blogger nomination means. I’m touched that she reads and comments on my blog enough to nominate me for something!

            I’m not sure why I began blogging, but it’s been over a year now and I love that it gives me a reason to write; though I don’t do it as often as I want, one can’t force inspiration or motivation to write and create. But I love both and try to be regular about it. With this nomination there are a few rules:


The rules of accepting the nomination are as follows:


   1. Thank the person who nominated me.

   2. Include a link to his/her blog.

   3. Nominate fifteen blogs I enjoy and follow.

   4. Lastly, tell you seven things about myself.


My list of seven things about me:


   1. In July of 2011 I quit my high paying (for a 23 year old) job, adventured and raced all summer then moved from Baltimore, MD to Ashland, OR. I wish I’d spent more time in between but most days I’m really happy to be here.

   2. I’ve moved almost every 3 years of my life, every year of my adult life and I’ve been here for 6 months and it’s making me antsy—but that’s okay.

   3. A cup of coffee is a routine. And it’s a routine that’s good alone but better with a good friend and conversation.

   4. I used to be a cat person but I’m finding myself loving dogs lately.

   5. Running and exercise is the best therapy. Moving your body can solve so much.

   6. I loved writing when I was a kid and I love it again now—proof that we should remember who we wanted to be when we were 6 years old.

   7. I believe that everyone has a story worth listening to.


My 15 bloggers that I am nominating and you should check out:


  1. Whitney: Grace is Controlled
  2. Adrienne: Veggie Von Vivant
  3. Jill: Dreaming Listfully
  4. Rogue Valley Runners: Rogue Valley Runners
  5. Timothy: Sole to Soul
  6. Sarah: Wanderlust
  7. Jeremy: I’ll Sleep While You Drive
  8. Shut Up and Run: Shut Up and Run
  9. Hungry Runner Girl
  10. Beth: Beth Carroll

I actually don’t read that many blogs. These are 10 that I do follow and love. Enjoy!


Thank you thank you thank you Whitney for the nomination! I admire you and am honored!





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