Like Snoop Dogg Says…

Sharing something you love is probably the greatest gift. Yesterday a co-worker and I decided to get a short run in together. We’re starting a 5k training group at the gym and wanted to see how our paces match up, what we thought of a training program….etc. I decided to leave my house a bit early and get a couple miles in before I met up with him just to warm up and make sure I got in enough to satisfy me for the day.

Now, my co-worker, we’ll call him ‘Doug’ is a guy that used to run quite a bit but was clearly a football/hockey/big guy in high school and has since had a few kids, has a desk job and doesn’t run all that much. Actually, he admitted it had been years since his last ‘jog’. We ran for about 15 minutes at a steady pace, he was tired, winded, and still powerful. He pounded up the hill that I struggled on and we finished strong.

There’s something about sharing what you love to do with someone who is eager to learn that is so satisfying. Later that day I texted Doug to see how he felt and his response was returned quickly and enthusiastically: “GREAT! Sore, but great! Let’s do it again soon!” exactly the response I wanted.

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. ”
Snoop Dogg

Share what you know, absorb what others give you, and embrace what you create together.


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