Unable to do What I Want


I don’t want to run. I don’t want to go to the gym. I don’t really feel like doing much of anything. I’ve been stupid sick the last week and it’s not only left me feeling weak it’s left me feeling like even if I wanted to go work out hard I couldn’t lift a single bar bell or run a mile.


What a horrible feeling.


But sometimes I think being forced, as I have been, to take some time off can be a good thing. It’s made me appreciate my body and all it is (or was and will be again) capable of. Just because I hurt now doesn’t mean I won’t bounce back. I’m definitely on the mend and ready to work out hard… tomorrow.


One more day of rest. My body needs it, I’m sure. The plan is to kick it’s butt tomorrow at the gym and then get some longer/slower runs in this week. Ease my way back to normal life.


In the mean time I’ve become sorta famous. Well, no, not famous. But in my efforts to coach a 5k training group the local news decided to follow us and then feature me, YES ME, in a short video on how to prepare for a race, how to get fit for shoes and even how to cross train.


Check it, yo.

Click HERE

Like Snoop Dogg Says…

Sharing something you love is probably the greatest gift. Yesterday a co-worker and I decided to get a short run in together. We’re starting a 5k training group at the gym and wanted to see how our paces match up, what we thought of a training program….etc. I decided to leave my house a bit early and get a couple miles in before I met up with him just to warm up and make sure I got in enough to satisfy me for the day.

Now, my co-worker, we’ll call him ‘Doug’ is a guy that used to run quite a bit but was clearly a football/hockey/big guy in high school and has since had a few kids, has a desk job and doesn’t run all that much. Actually, he admitted it had been years since his last ‘jog’. We ran for about 15 minutes at a steady pace, he was tired, winded, and still powerful. He pounded up the hill that I struggled on and we finished strong.

There’s something about sharing what you love to do with someone who is eager to learn that is so satisfying. Later that day I texted Doug to see how he felt and his response was returned quickly and enthusiastically: “GREAT! Sore, but great! Let’s do it again soon!” exactly the response I wanted.

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. ”
Snoop Dogg

Share what you know, absorb what others give you, and embrace what you create together.