The Waiting Game

I’ve entered the waiting game. It’s a game that tests my patience, my strength, my creativity and sees how well I can follow directions. So far the game is tied: 1-1.

The Doctor took and X-ray and saw nothing, she then told me not to run, (duh, I can barely walk) not to do squats, lunges or thigh machines. I shouldn’t do the elliptical if it hurts, but the bike is okay. In the mean time I got an MRI (holy loud and claustrophobia!) and am trying to keep myself busy at the gym with weights and ab workouts—and now I wait, I wait 48 hours (now we’re at about 34 hours) until the doctor is supposed to call me and tell me if she sees a stress fracture or not. Stress. Fracture. Two of the most dreaded words a runner can hear.

Before I left her office Monday she told me I needed more calcium, (I grew up with a phobia of milk) so, lady runners, please start taking a supplement NOW The chocolate chew things are a nice sweet ending to a meal that gives you your daily calcium!

Now I’m left in limbo. Floating in this middle area where I’m afraid that if I push it I will permanently damage something or some bone that is important, and in this area where I lose my level of productivity if I’m not getting in some sort of workout daily. I’m scrambling something to satisfy what both my mind and body needs.

So what am I doing?  How am I taking control? I’m looking back, reevaluating my fitness routine and adding in weights. I used to lift often and then got obsessed with cardio and running. I’m finding if I pump the iron before I attempt some sort of cardio I get a great 30-45 minutes weight lifting working out in! Lift first, attempt cardio second, (I say attempt because if it hurts I DON’T DO IT!)

I am going to win this game. Enough said. My Dad used to have a t-shirt that said “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” it’s generally not programmed into my personality to be super positive, in this case I’m pulling a George and doing what I normally wouldn’t do—I’m staying ridiculously positive that I WILL be running again, I WILLwalk normal, I WILLbe able to pull my jeans on without having to sit down.  My Dad also had a t-shirt that said “NO PAIN—NO GAIN” I know it’s going to be hard, it was hard to get out of bed at 6:30 this morning just to get on the bike I miss running, I miss going fast outside, I miss it.

1-1.  Injury’s point came when the pain was so great that I couldn’t get on the elliptical (my last grasp at sorta feeling like I was running,) my point came when I got creative: hot yoga, intervals on the bike and a killer ab workout. Any tips or workout suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Now, I wait… and if you know me at all: I’m not very patient.


3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Any reference to Seinfeld or The Office in your blogs is greatly appreciated ;)hahaha. That what doesnt kill you makes you stronger! I know thats cliche but I know from experience.

  2. Dear Sloan,
    I have finally caught up on reading your blogs. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy them. Your Mom said she forwarded my last e-mail to her so you are caught up on what grandpa and I have been doing/facing. Please e-mail me direct when you get your results. Will be thinking of you…

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