Routine VS. ?

As much as I love tromping around the world, changing my location, exploring new places, I have learned in the last year that I thrive in routine. Even in Thailand I created a strict routine for myself during the week, it consisted of early mornings, early evenings and eating pretty much the exact same thing every week day. It seems boring, especially when you’re in a foreign country but a girls gotta do what she’s gotta do to stay sane. As I traveled the rest of SE Asia I was forced out of the routine and struggled. I couldn’t run every day, I couldn’t control my food intake, (yes this is part of the adventure, but for weeks on end this becomes stressful).  Being out of your comfort zone is great, but I think we can all agree that it’s hard.


I’ve been here in Deep Creek, MD for about three weeks now. I have a job, I’m training, and I’m helping coordinate a race. If I work at 10am, I get up at 6am and get to the pool, gym, trails…etc. if I work late I sleep a bit later and push my training forward a bit. I’m routine. The check in people at the pool recognize me, the gym people know me by name, the friend I live with knows what I like to eat—hell, he made a pot of coffee before I even got up this morning, (best surprise EVER)


But the question I’m started to ask is, is routine productive? Or is routine like running on a treadmill, not moving forward, but just getting really tired and bored (boring)? I try to set goals. In fact a friend of mine and I both have made a goal list: he is getting out there. Hitting the gay bar scene, getting out of his safe circle, pushing his limits and making himself uncomfortable. I’m…reading more. Thinking about writing more (and failing,) training (but obsessing,) and…that’s about it. I’m having a hard time identifying what I want.


If routine is comfortable but works do you stick in it? How often should you stray? When do you throw your hands up and fly across the world again due to not knowing?


Penang Island, Malaysia--the World

Penang Island, Malaysia–the World



Sterrified=Terrified+Stoked (The best combo)

I’ve been talking a lot about how I’m feeling, about my attitude towards my travels, and the mental state I’m in. Let’s stop that and talk about the details. I have a loose itinerary that has already drastically been changed a dozen times, but I think I’ve finally figured out a general path that I will be taking.


Monday, March 25th I will head to Northern Thailand to hit the mountains of Chiang Mai and Pai. Thailand is throwing me out of the country on the 31st so from there I will train it down to Malaysia and bum around beaches, islands, mountains and Muslims for 16 days when I will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam.

            In ‘Nam I plan to hike the highest peak in the country, I plan to eat some amazing seafood and watch the countryside pass by me from my train window. By May I should be in Cambodia and lounging on the beach, see some Temples and enjoy the last of SE Asia on an island. On May 15th I fly back to the mountains of Oregon.


So in a quick re-cap. Mountains, beach, mountain, seaside, mountains, beach, mountains. I’m pretty okay with this plan—I mean, by pretty okay I actually mean REALLY FREAKING STOKED. Stoked and terrified. Sterrified. Sterrified in the best way possible.

Looking into the great yonder of SE Asia from the comfort of my favourite coffee shop where I walk in and the coffee lady knows my order by heart.

Looking into the great yonder of SE Asia from the comfort of my favourite coffee shop where I walk in and the coffee lady knows my order by heart.