Let’s Talk

You guys. I’ve slacked. I’ve been lazy and uninspired. I’m unable to travel at the moment, running through Chicago is not motivating to write about right now. I want to revamp, re-engage and re-up TheSoleSearch.com I literally just threw $26 back at WordPress to let me keep the domain name. So now I have some money down. Not a lot, but some.

And this should inspire me. I’m drinking coffee, in a coffee shop, I was up early and will be up late. These things should all be motivating to use my time wisely and get as much shit done in a day as possible. Time is precious and I’m not interested in wasting it away, not all of it anyway. I definitely just binge watched Stranger Things last night and that shit sucked me IN!

So if there are still any readers out there (hellllllooooooooooo?)  Stay tuned for some changes. I’m def still searching for my soul, via my souls, but I want to tell you guys about it in a new way. I want to take you on my journey and help you make your journey a little healthier.

In the meantime, let’s catch up! Find me on the InstaGram (@sloanderr) and snapchat (username: sloanderr). Warning, I’m not very good at snapchat, and it’s mostly selfies of me drinking coffee…

I’m also really available via email. I want to help you get fit, even if it means we’re working from across the country or globe! (hint…hint…of the revamp!) Email me: Sloan.PersonalTraining@gmail.com


So. For the time being please be patient while I re familiarize myself with the internet, try to up my blogging game and get you some great information on how to be your best self! Because we all deserve to be the best.


Frustration grows when you can’t do what you want.

I’ve struggled with some stomach issue for the past seven days, (I’ll spare you the gory details,) but at the end of it, I pretty much survived off of saltines and chicken broth for the better part of last week. Those two items fail to give an active body the energy she needs–so my brain was foggy, I had to re-arrange my clients because by 3pm I couldn’t really concentrate long enough to count reps and encourage anyone to do anything. My mind was home, on my couch, in front of Netflix and hoping that adding avocado to my broth wouldn’t upset my stomach to too much. (It did…)

So for five days I slept a lot, did the bare minimum at work. Came home and went to bed. I didn’t work out, I didn’t swim, I ubered and took a lot of buses, instead of walking like I usual. I was all sorts out of wack. I went through the weekend doing all the social things I wanted to do and just paid the price that was coming when I decided to have a cocktail or two on a basically week long empty stomach. Thank goodness for stretchy leggings and dresses to hide my bloat and discomfort.

So my frustration has come from being unable to DO WHAT I WANT when I have been feeling a bit better. I’m by no means eating normal meals yet, but I’m able to eat enough to not feel like I’m foggy and going to fall over. I was invited to try out a Soul Cycle class this morning. YES!  A new challenge. I’ve never really been one for group classes, or riding a bike that’s going no where, but it was free and with my girls from works, so why not!?

Fast forward to about 25 minutes into the class: heart rate racing, sweat dripping into my eyes, feeling sick and dizzy and having a super cool instructor yelling for us to peddle harder and KEEP GOING.

DAMNIT, I CAN’T. (Any other day, any other week I would have been super into it, super excited, super stoked to be getting my ass kicked in a whole new way. But after a week of being sick–not so into it.)

So my frustration grows; I’m in shape, I’m fit, I can work HARDER THAN THIS. But this morning I couldn’t. And I had to remind myself of this through out the entire class. That not being able to push myself as hard as usual isn’t my fault. That getting sick happens and I’m still recovering. I had to say “Hey Sloan, remember that tiny breakfast you ate this morning?Remember how your stomach hurt after just 150 calories of oatmeal? That wasn’t enough fuel for this, don’t beat yourself up for recovering!”

Moral of this story–I started to get really mad and pissed at myself for not being able ‘to do it’ this morning. But, I did. I’m actively learning to give myself leeway, to be sure to approach fitness as something I get to do and enjoy it. And not have it be yet another reason to beat myself up. Moving your body is always the right decision, however, how hard you are able to push yourself may not be in your control. And relinquishing that control is just as hard as that Spin class.





Get Moving!

My mornings have changed. The warm weather. The sun up with the crows. People outside my window shouting at each other at 5:30, ya know, things that just make it easier to get up at 6 am. I like it, I enjoy the mornings alone, with my computer or a book but more recently I’ve been talking the time to walk. More or less coming off a running injury I walk/run but I enjoy both equally and try really hard to get a couple miles in before I hop on my bike and head to school.

I have always stated that morning time is my most productive time. Right now it’s 6:49 am and I have cooked breakfast, made coffee, cleaned the kitchen, read up on a few articles and will head out for a walk as soon as I finish typing this though. Some wouldn’t consider ‘a walk’ productive. But for me it’s my morning meditation, it gives me a head start on my goal of 10,000 steps for the day (though when I walk or run I tend to get closer to 14,000!) I kick my metabolism up right away. I clear my mind and set an intention. Sometimes I listen to a podcast to get ideas to be more productive through out the ENTIRE day–I tend to hit a slump around 3:30 and just want to lounge around after that.

So I walk. And I think. And I shut the brain off. And I observe–lord knows there’s a lot to observe in Humboldt Park at 7 in the morning.

How do you start your day? What can you do before life gets to busy to get moving and get yourself closer to those 10,000 steps? It’s recommended that each adult gets at least 30 minutes of activity a day, which is easy for some of us and a challenge for other–how can we get closer to achieving that minimum and maybe going beyond it? (Some people post on social media to get some motivation.. hence this blog post, I was feeling lazy but now I feel motivated!)

I’ll post a picture from my walk this morning, check it out on InstaGram @sloanderr and let me know what you think. #thesolesearch #goodmorning