I Am

I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by a new friend, Bryan, for his new podcast, I Am.

I am… how do you answer that question?

I am a woman.
I am a friend.
I am a person who deals with depression.
I am a runner.
I am, I was and am trying to be again, a writer.
I am an introvert.
I am trying.
I am lazy sometimes.
I am hard working sometimes.

Being a part of this podcast woke something up inside of me. Well, it gave me a nudge to get back on the internet and be a part of the blogging community again–but with different intentions. I don’t want to write for the people (haha, whoever you are.) I’m going to write for myself and use TheSoleSearch as a platform.

I’m not going to apologize for the content. I know my parents, grandparents, and some friends have read this in the past. I know random people I don’t know have been a part of this (thank you!) and I know that in the past I’ve written for the audience. No more. Just writing. If you’d like to respond, great. If not, great also.
In the mean time, check out the I Am podcast, he’s just getting a start out, but I think it has potential to be great!

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I Finally Remembered the Password


Is this blog still a thing? Should it still be a thing? I’m thinking about re-vamping it yet again. What do you want to read about?

Mental health (or lack there of)?
Pintrest fails? (JK, I don’t do that)

Let me know… I’m itching for a project and need some suggestions!

Green Smoothie FTW

I usually have to google acronyms like “FTW“, but I’ve finally started remember what this one stands for–mostly because I’m trying to live my life with more #ftw . Life is too short not to. And, life is too short to drink gross green smoothies.

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with using up the greens in my fridge, putting them in a blender and whirring it around for a while. I’ve definitely had some fails (ex: I accidentally used a bag of ‘mixed greens’, which included mustard greens. If you’ve ever had raw mustard greens you know that they’re a bit spicy–that mixed with almond milk is kiiiiiiiinda gross, and not a pleasant surprise at 5:30am. OR, that time I used kale with all the stems on and couldn’t stop pooping–TMI, my bad, but really. Be careful.)

SO. I am no Registered Dietitian, but I love food, I obsess about nutrition and here are a few of the great things about green smoothies.

  • They are a great BLAST of nutrition first thing in the morning
  • You can add protein in it, so if you don’t like eating first thing in the morning these are a great option to sip on while you sip your coffee.
  • Fiber. See above, just be careful with HOW much fiber you’re consuming…
  • They can TASTE amazing. (I say ‘can’ because they can also taste like dirt.)

Here’s my favorite recipe so far:

1 big fist full of spinach (I’ve found spinach has less of an ‘earthy’ flavor than kale, and it’s what I had in my fridge this morning)
1/2 of a frozen banana (adds sweetness to cut through the grassy taste. I’ve also used frozen berries)
1 scoop of collagen protein amino acids (made from beef, tastes like nothing, I PROMISE)
2 table spoons of Jif Powdered Peanut butter (more protein, a nutty flavor)
1 cup of cashew milk
Dash of cinnimon and some vanilla extract
3 ice cubes
Throw all this in the blender and let it go for 3-4 minutes. I’ve found the longer you spin it around the better–especially if you’re using a heartier green, like kale. 

Enjoy the toxic green beverage out of whatever glass jar you have. I put mine in old peanut butter jars with a tight lid so I can bring it with me where ever I’m headed and enjoy it while I write or get settled at work. Let me know your favorite way to enjoy a green smoothie–I’m always up for learning more about these guys!