How To Not Write

The things you’ll need:

Notebook or computer

Any time to yourself

Brilliant ideas

An interesting life

A vocabulary as big as an encyclopedia

When beginning to not write, you must gather all of the above items and concepts. Organize them, re-organize them, and then organize them one other way just to be sure. You may find this frustrating and need to take a break, please do. Once you’ve sipped on a La Croix and scrolled through social media for an hour head back to the items. Reorganize and over think how you probably did it right the first time. Set everything back to how it was and sit down. 

Now you’re ready to brainstorm some thoughts and feelings in your notebook. Doodle in the margins and begin thwapping your pen on the desk. Open another La Croix. 

I’ve had a lot of La Croix lately. Paumplemousse is my favorite if you want to send me a case. But I do have a back log of a few pieces I’ve worked on, and plan on working on. And just want to post, because, why the fuck not? Thanks for reading!


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