Birthing a Polar Vortex Baby

This Polar Vortex Winter of 2014 left me in a huge funk. I was in a running funk, a writing funk, a fun funk. It was tough, we all struggled and survived it. This summer is beginning to show the Baby Bumps of the Polar Vortex. I see pregnant women EVERYWHERE. Now given, I’m sure people would have been procreating anyway, but there just seems to be a crazy amount a glowing woman around–my conclusion is that the PV left people cold, bored and ready to go.
While I’m not planning on birthing a literal PV Baby, I’m planning on growing one of my own. It’s not going to grow in my belly, no, gawd no… But I am trying to get back to who I was before this Evil Winter got it’s grips on me. It’s JULY, it’s BEAUTIFUL, the world is a beautiful place to be and I’m stoked to be in it.
The name of this blog is The Sole Search. It’s time to start exploring again.


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