Forgetting Winter.

I forgot the noise of scrapping ice off a car windshield. I forgot the itchy skin and staticy, flat hair. I forgot about shoveling snow and the bottoms of my jeans getting wet as I walk down the sidewalk. I forgot about hats that keep my head warm rather than just tame the fizzy mess on my head.

I forgot the beauty of the first snow, the untouched street art that is created when it falls. I forgot dogs with their snouts down running full speed to collect as much fluffy moisture as possible. I forgot catching snowflakes on my tongue, missing and letting it melt on my nose. I forgot icicles.

I forgot that feeling your stomach gets when you almost fall on the ice but you catch yourself, and then smile. I forgot driving in dirty slush and salt stained car doors. I forgot chapped lips, cracked cuticles and cozy beds that suck you in for hours. I forgot the comfort of hot chocolate.


I forgot Winter.




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