Travel Hangover

I’m here. I now live in Greensburg, PA. I have a job, (looking for another,) I have an apartment, (well, privacy curtains in my friends living room) I have a gym membership, a couple bars I like, the lady at the coffee shop knows my name. I have a routine. I’m here.

But then I pulled out my small backpack. It fits my computer perfectly so when I head to the coffee shop I throw my weathered Macbook in there, grab my wallet and gear up to write, read, write letters–general coffee shop ‘things’. But last weekend I really looked at my back pack. I noticed how dirty it is. Months worth of sweating through SE Asia, being thrown on buses, running a 50k ultra marathon, transporting bottles of beer and water.

Then I noticed the random things I had tied on when the zipper toggle broke: a friendship bracelet from my native ‘tour’ guides in Sa Pa, Vietnam, safety pins, hair ties, whatever random things I could find that would work. Digging through the inside pockets I found a tin of Tiger Balm from Cat Ba Island when I got thrown off a motorbike, I found the equivalent of a few dollars in Malaysian Ringet. I found more dirt. I found Thai Baht. I found candy wrappers from treats my students gave me.

I found memories.

And then I remember: I’m here. I’m in Greensburg, PA furthering my career, saving money, making connections. And I wonder why I continue to look elsewhere. I run around the hilly neighborhoods and notice the architecture of such a historic town–then I remember the park I trained in with the 1000 year old Buddhist Wats. And I’m pulled back into the world of memory. I hate that world. I remember how hard it was to be in Thailand. I remember how much I wanted to ‘be’ somewhere for a while.

I found memories and now I need to begin making memories, here. And for some reason this is the hardest thing, for me. Travel is great but the travel hang over seems to last for months.




2 thoughts on “Travel Hangover

  1. After our heart to heart talk this morning it got me thinking……..ouch. You know it hurts when I do that. And I was thinking about my spontaneous thoughts and feelings of where you are in life and what is out there. And I want you to know it was all from the heart. I look at my friend Sloan, and realize how young our friendship is compared to others. But how amazingly close we are. We still have our past and our secrets etc….but we are close in other ways. I see you. I’ve watched you. Drove you wacky more than once. Admire you. Jealous of you. See my younger self in you. And see this wonderful amazing woman who has sooooooooooooooooo much in front of her. Travel. Beers, Beer Cozy’s, runs, trails and adventures.
    Where the hell is this note going and the point already Mike you wonder?
    Honestly I don’t know, just like your life……….but you always got a friend, an ear and trail walker.
    Remember 3 hours……


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