I’ve been in Thailand nearly two months now. Things that were first really strange to see are slowly becoming “normal”. Things I never thought I would get used to seeing:

• Monks walking down the street, talking on cell phones, drinking energy drinks (are they supposed to do that?) just being present in every day life.

• Stray dogs. Whether they are barking like crazy at me on my morning run or paralyzed by the afternoon heat these pups are everywhere—quite sad to see.

• Children with white powder (baby powder) on their face to keep from sweating as much.

• Adults with white residue on their faces from whitening cream.

• Food stalls everywhere.

• Really flat feet. Asians have extremely flat feet and wear horribly unsupportive flip flops that do not fit. As someone who has worked in footwear her entire adult life this pains me to see—someone send some mid-stability shoes here, quick!

• Buddhist temples. I love seeing these. Buddhism is becoming something I’m enjoying learning about, enjoying praying as a see a temple and notice the small details each one has. Buddha statues are amazingly unique and beautiful, my favorites are the ones that are laughing and smiling.





This list, I’m sure, will continue to grow as I spend more time in Thailand—more ‘weird’ things will become normal and my idea of normal will shift along with my perspective and outlook on everything.


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. It is interesting to watch you fast forward to acceptance of things foreign by being in another country. As I age, and the world changes about me, perhaps it is more difficult to accept the changes as time and events move on.
    Your blog gives me much to think about.
    Love you,

    • It’s difficult to accept and the world is rapidly changing for all of us Grandma. The best we can do is roll with it, accept it and try and learn. No use in resisting. Thanks for reading and commenting! Love you!

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