The first thing I do every morning is push the button on my coffee pot to start the brewing process, of course this is only if I remember to prep the coffee the night before—most night I do and I’m ever so thankful for my dad for teaching me this wonderful life lesson.

Next, I get on my computer with coffee, breakfast and emails. Not that I get important emails, but sometimes I do, or I check Facebook, Facebook is super important. Next I dink around on the internet, chat with my Mum and some other friends on Gchat. I’m generally up early enough that my east coast friends are at work and bored and I’m just waking for the day, so my grogginess and their coffee induced hyper is the perfect way to start my day.

Eventually I brush my teeth and put my running clothes on—I run, workout do something, then come back and start something else before work. I love my routine. I’m a very routine oriented person. Which is part of the reason I’m so scared of Thailand—I’m going to be thrown out of my routine completely and that’s a scary and exciting thought. I guess we’ll just have to see what my new routine will consist of…

New filter on my camera phone–OR it’s just broken…OR I’m purple and green in the morning–who knew?


Well, I’ve been up for about 2 hours now, drank a pot off coffee, I suppose it’s time to go run. What is your morning routine like? How did you deal with it when it got thrown off by… life?


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