I’m a Loser, Baby (about music, see what I did here?)

So, I don’t really listen to a lot of music. I mean, I do, when I’m at work and when I’m just chillin’ in my room, but I don’t keep up on it very much. So I listen to a lot of the same stuff that I did in high school, or Pandora does a great job introducing me to some new stuff by matching what I tell it I already like. (Does that sentence make sense?)

Anyway. I’m sitting here avoiding getting ready for work and a song comes on my Pandora and I realize I like it! and I’ve heard it before! But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where I know it from. It sounds different than the last time I heard it. It’s not necessarily better or worse, just different. And then I realized that what I’m missing from this version a couple high school students dancing and singing around with lockers behind them. Yep, Glee is who introduced me to that song.

It’s amazing how media shifts, changes and influences our lives. Way to go New Directions, you’ve beat my non-hip ass at music once again. I think I need to buy and I-pod and get someone who is up to date on all that stuff to load it with good running/work out music. I currently run and lift to the beat in my own head and if you know me at all that’s not a very steady one! You can buy me one here.


ANYONE else have this problem???


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