A short introduction:

Thanks for stopping here. This is my blog, I’m Sloan and I’m just going to lay it out there for you quick and easy on this first blog to, hopefully, eliminate any confusion or questions one may have about who I am or what this blog’s mission is.

I love to run. I hate it too. I travel the mid-Atlantic of the United States (that means—Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and DC) I do this for a living to talk about shoes all day long. I love to eat. I also hate it. Eating of course is great fuel but as someone who has struggled with weight, it can also be an added stressor in life. I want to write about the great places I run, eat and travel, hopefully I’ll meet some people to talk to them along the way and be able to share my experience with the blogg-o world.

I’m also on Twitter and need more lemmings so that I can keep teasing my friend about having more followers then him, so follow me @Sloan0 and it’ll be great.

Other things I love: reading, yoga, attempting to write (cough*cough, that’s why I’m starting a blog…) good wine, craft beer, amazing cups of coffee, or shitty cups of coffee in amazing coffee shops, great conversation… okay this is starting to sound like a Match.com profile—enough! Please read and tell your friends about it. Feel free to comment and make suggestions as you see fit. Or if you’re in my neck o’ the woods (my neck is huge) hit me up and we’ll go for a run through the woods or get lost in the city!


7 thoughts on “A short introduction:

  1. Good start Sloan. I am glad to see you are getting back to writing. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? Well I am!

    If I saw you on match.com, Yo, I would send you a wink;) Hahahaha

  2. Sloan – I am a recovering Moose, having done a few RTB’s with your Dad. I’m happy to see you’re running AND enjoying it. I have fond memories of working the Balto-Marathon – love that Charm City! If you are ever up NH-way check out one of our events:-)
    Meantime, keep blogging (and running)!

  3. Great Blog Sloan. I will be sure to check back often and see how things are going. This is one of the better written blogs I have seen. Descriptive and to the point, allows the imagination to be there with you!

    Yours in running (yeah i am a runner now)

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