A Tea Morning

I hate hate hate hate to admit I’m wrong, luckily it rarely happens so I only have to endure it a few times a year… But I have been off of coffee for over two weeks now and to my surprise I am not dead, I’m not miserable and I’m not lacking energy for my day to day obligations. I’m fine. I look forward to opening the little paper square my tea bag comes in, reading the uplifting message on the tab at the end of the string. I love the color it turns when I pour almond milk into the mug and the smell of vanilla and cinnamon wafts up and warms my face.

I also love that my skin is clearing up. For the past three years I have covered my face in make up to hide the blemishes that scattered on my cheeks, I hate wearing that much make-up. I hate going to the gym and seeing my cheeks not only red from exertion but red and speckled from the adolescent symptoms my face can’t seem to leave behind. I’m not sure if I can 100% attribute the better skin to the lack of coffee and caffeine in my diet but for now it’s motivation enough to continue on with the experiment.