I write best when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep.
Or taking a shower.
Or when I’m having a conversation with… anyone really. I loose my attention, I zone out, form witty, funny sentences that I imagine my 10s of readers will enjoy.

And then I sit down to write. And it’s gone, it’s lost and forgotten. It will probably never return again, until I’m slightly buzzed and drifting off to sleep. Sometimes when I’m shaving my legs I make myself laugh with how hilarious I am. I rinse still thinking about it, towel off and put on lotion–my hands still slick with Lubraderm I sit to write it down and BOOM, it’s gone. Just like that. Out of my head, left me to go find someone who will take this thing more seriously.

Take this thing more seriously… I suppose I should get a waterproof notebook, one I can keep in my pocket at all times. Though, I rarely have pockets, I wear a lot of leggings and athletic pants. And have you SEEN the pockets on women’s jeans?! PLEASE! They hardly hold a nickle let alone my favorite Moleskin journal! And what pocket are we talking about if I’m in the shower… get outta there!

Okay. Time to get distracted so maybe I can focus on writing more.


My Mother is going to be SO PROUD!


How often is it really necessary to shower? I mean, I know some people HAVE to take a shower every morning to wake up. I even have a friend that takes a shower before he races, weird, right? Usually I like to tie my blog posts into something sorta philosophical, but this one is pure curiosity.

I had my running group yesterday at 6:45am, so I ran to our meeting place (2.2 miles) we ran to the track (1 mile) did 2 miles worth of speed work then ran back to the YMCA (1 mile) then I ran home (2.2 miles) Needless to say I had a solid running day. I was home by 9am and had zero plans for the day. Unless you count a date with my new book and the sun plans. Soooooo, I didn’t shower. I laid on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee and read, I eventually ventured to my friends and chatted while we soaked in some vitamin D and then went back to my book for the afternoon.

I (accidentally) napped and was woken up by my friend calling asking if I wanted to get a beer later, sure, I said, as long as I don’t have to shower. And you know what her response was, dude, I’m not showering. And so she came over, we decide to not have a beer and just catch up with our smelly selves instead, but still, we were both fully ready to go to the bar sans-shower. I ask you, is this okay?

Wait. I guess this saga isn’t done yet. I then fell asleep, with no shower, and woke up to go to work. I totally forgot that I hadn’t showered, good thing I work at a gym and am amongst smelly, muscley guys all morning! So I went to work and then worked out. I ran a bunch of errands and just now got back from a visit with my neighbor and lunch. Now here I am, writing this blog, about to read my book and I’m two workouts deep and the only reason I’m probably going to shower today and not after my run tomorrow is because I’m getting a hair cut tonight and I was told to come with clean hair.




Maybe I just need a shower buddy?

Maybe I just need a shower buddy?


Does anyone else live like this? Or is it only me and my other friend who runs/mountain bikes a lot?!